Delos island

Legend says that Leto fled here to escape the wrath of Hera and give birth to Apollo and Artemis. It is considered one of the brightest parts in the world and was one of the first advocates of multiculturalism. 
Delos, the most important religious center of antiquity, is approximately 20 minutes from Mykonos by boat. 

Paraportiani Church

A snow-white church which causes awe with its elegance, attracts the attention of all those who
lay their eyes upon it. It is a cluster of five churches, which have been built on two levels, with four at the lower and one at the upper level.
The main church was built between the 16 th and 17 th century and stands out for its assymetrical
shape. Paraportiani, in the Kastro district, took its name, from the paraporti, the entrance next to the castle, and offers one of the most stricking views of Mykonos.


In Chora, just where the Astra bar is, you will see three wells. Decades ago this was the gathering
place for beautiful damsels, who came here to fill their jugs with water, thus creating the famous
Nyfopazaro, where men could see the girls and choose one to marry. The wells were constructed
in the mid 18 th century and supplied water to the town until the 1950s. Tradition says that  whoever drinks water from all three, will never leave the island.


This is one of the most iconic landmarks of the island, which every visitor hurries to capture.
The windmills, the white, windswept cylindrical buildings that stand imposingly in the Kastro district, once served local needs, but also supplied the passing ships. Do not miss the chance to admire the sunset, while enjoying your cocktail in Little Venice.

Little Venice


Rarity Gallery


Vioma Organic Farm